The Benefits of Training with a Community rather than alone at a Gym

The Benefits of Training with a Community rather than alone at a Gym Group fitness classes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Training with a community in group classes can provide numerous benefits compared to working out alone at a gym. Firstly and most importantly: group classes provide a sense […]

Martial Arts is Not as Scary as You Think: A Guide to Starting Out Safely

Getting Started is Easier than you think! People are often weary about walking into a Martial Arts club for the first time, sometimes I hear people asking questions like: Do I need to be fit to get started? Do I need any experience to start training Martial Arts? I’m concerned I’ll get injured, will it […]

Setting Goals

Life is full of challenges and sometimes it seems that getting what you want, or just what you need, can be a challenge. Setting Goals is the first step. In this blog I talk about my own experience with setting goals that are achievable but not necessarily easy. The reward makes the effort worth it. […]

Beginners Check-List

Beginners Check-List Visit the school and watch a class. Speak to the instructor, ask a lot of questions.  Be satisfied of the instructor’s experience, attitude, legitimate certification and that they are supervised (if under 4th dan black-belt). Don’t be afraid to call the instructor’s own teacher for a reference. Participate in a trial class. Be […]

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