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Fun, Safe, Then Martial Arts & Fitness!

Everyone makes a decision to get into Martial Arts or Fitness classes based on their needs whether it’s to get fit and healthy, learn self defence, or regain their self-confidence once again. Joining is one thing, but to achieve your fitness or training goals you need two vital incredients:

  • Motivation,
  • Support

At CMA&F we address both with our Values, our Community and our Coaches. At CMA&F you’ll find a community of people who are invested into your fitness and/or martial arts journey from day one. You’ll find another family.

Our Vision

To empower self-confidence through self-awareness and passion for Martial Arts and Fitness.

Our Mission

To Provide a fun, save and engaging Martial Arts and Fitness programs unlike anything else available.

Our Values

#1. Learn Something New and Share Something New - Everyday!

#2. Have an Open-Mind, Be Respectful, and Show Compassion.

#3. Inspire Others Through Your Passion.

#4. Focus On What You Can Do First!

#5. Stripe to Grow and Develop!

#6. Draw On Inner-Strength, Learn From and Overcome Your Fears.

#7. Remember: Fun, Safe then Fitness & Martial Arts.

#8. Be The Best That You Can Be!

Our Locations

Jerrabomberra Outdoor

Jerrabomberra Public School

Woden Club

10 Townshend Street, Phillip

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