How Long Does It Take To Reach Black Belt?

The time taken to achieve black-belt depends greatly on the student’s level of commitment and their aptitude.  Like life, you only get as much out of Hapkido as you put in. A fit, coordinated student training hard 5 or 6 classes a week can reach black belt in as little as a year.  Others may […]

What is the History of Hapkido?

The true history of Hapkido can never really be established. This history has been re-written by people so many times over the years for political and commercial gain that the truth has been lost to us. Despite different claims in books and on the internet one should understand that the art of Hapkido was not […]

What are the common Korean terms and customs used in Hapkido?

While commands and terms will vary between Hapkido organisations and schools, some of the more common Korean words used in Hapkido are listed below, along with their translation. These are the most basic terms, those you are most likely to encounter in your first few weeks of training. Naturally there are many more that the […]

How do I find a good Hapkido club or instructor?

There are many good Hapkido organisations around the world, there are also many poor ones.  The first thing to consider is the instructor.  To learn properly you must trust and get on with them.  If you have reservations about them personally that is not the club for you. The traditional rank for a qualified Hapkido […]

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