Forget Trying To Get Ripped, Do This Instead!

Let’s face it. Most of the people who start working out do so because they want to get fitter and look better. And you’re probably one of them too.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that—unless it becomes your sole focus. That’s when things become problematic.

Here’s why:

Reason #1: It’s Frustrating

Fat loss and muscle gain take time. If you’re always fixated on what you want your body to look like, chances are you’ll end up giving up long before you get it.

Here’s the thing: you can work out for a whole year and still be nowhere near getting your target physique. Does that mean you’re not making any progress? Not at all! It’s virtually impossible for you to not improve if you do everything right for an entire year.

The problem is it’s almost impossible to care about the small gains you make along the way when you’re too busy waiting for your dream body to become reality. As a result, going to the gym starts feeling like a chore that does nothing to get you closer to your goals.Book a Digital Drop In at Canberra Martial Arts find out more about the club, see what it looks like and chat with someone about your training needs. Best of all, it’s free to chat.

Reason #2: It Makes You Miss Everything Else

Of course, aside from the fat loss and muscle gain, regular exercise also brings a host of other benefits to the table, including:

  • Improved health
  • Improved strength
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Increased mobility
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduced risk for injury when performing everyday tasks
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved focus

Unfortunately, you probably won’t notice any of these improvements when you’re too focused on what you want your body to look like. You’ll only be happy once you’re ripped, which would take years.

This means you’ll constantly feel unhappy about punishing yourself in the gym for a really long time before you’re finally satisfied. Do you really think you can keep doing something so tedious and unrewarding for years?

Reason #3: It Makes You Compare Yourself to Others

Another problem with being too fixated on getting ripped is that you end up constantly comparing yourself with people who are in better shape than you—and there’s always going to be someone more ripped, no matter how fit you become.

This means you’ll never feel adequate regardless of what you accomplish in the gym. You’ll always be looking at what you’re lacking, never noticing what you already have. How do you expect to stay motivated with this kind of mindset?

Reason #4: It Could Lead You to Make Unsafe and Unhealthy Decisions

The impatience caused by obsessing over getting ripped is what leads people to do all sorts of stupid things that mess up their bodies and sabotage their progress—and it could do the same to you.

Since you constantly feel like you’re not progressing fast enough, you’ll be tempted and most likely end up trying crazy diets, ridiculous training programs, and potentially dangerous supplements.

There’s also a big chance you’ll fall for the shady marketing tactics so-called fitness gurus use to sell overpriced garbage fitness products and services online. People desperate to get ripped fast are their main source of income.

Reason #5: You Might Fall Off the Wagon Once You Reach Your Goal

The fifth and final reason focusing on just getting ripped is not a good idea is that it puts you at risk of completely falling off the wagon once you get your dream body.

Think about it. You’ve been unhappy and unsatisfied for who knows how long, punishing yourself in the gym while waiting to get the body you’ve always wanted. Wouldn’t you want to finally let loose and celebrate as soon as you get to the finish line?

This is exactly why a lot of people who punish themselves to get ripped gain all the weight back soon after they hit their goal. They reward themselves by not only taking a break from training, but also eating all the food they’ve been depriving themselves of.

And then they remember how good junk food and doing nothing are.

What You Should Do Instead

Instead of focusing on getting ripped, you should instead concentrate on just building healthy habits over time.

Eat less and less junk and more and more wholesome foods. Train regularly and keep challenging yourself to do better in the gym. Start drinking more water and getting more sleep. Start patting yourself on the back for every little improvement you make.

By shifting your focus from the results you want to the process itself and the small wins along the way, the whole journey becomes much more enjoyable. Getting ripped would come naturally anyway if you just stick to the process, so why waste time and energy worrying about it?

Stop Obsessing Over Getting Ripped

Forget getting ripped and focus on building healthier habits and celebrating quick wins along the way instead. It’ll not only make your fitness journey more fulfilling and enjoyable, but also help you achieve results that last a lifetime.Book a Digital Drop In at Canberra Martial Arts find out more about the club, see what it looks like and chat with someone about your training needs. Best of all, it’s free to chat.

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