How to Start Again with Your Weight Loss When You Failed in the Past

How many times has “Lose Weight” or “Go to the Gym” been on your resolution list in January? And how many times have you shrugged your shoulders in around mid-February when you realised you had done very little to achieve your goal?

It sucks when this happens but you’re not alone. The good thing is there’s no time like the present to put all those failed efforts at weight loss behind you and find the formula which takes the weight off for good.

Here are some of the reasons your weight loss may not have taken off in the past and what to do about it:

Diet vs. Exercise

If you’re working out a lot but not eating well, results won’t happen quickly. Similarly, if you’re restricting calories but not adding endorphin-releasing exercise to your weekly routine, it is hard to stay motivated. (Check out my comments in this Expert Round-up)

As shared by researcher and Stanford Professor Abby King, it is diet and exercise together that are key to weight loss success. To get the best results from your workouts, find a gym which supports good eating and can share advice on how to create a sustainably healthy diet.

Staying Motivated

Retaining focus and motivation is something many of us struggle with when trying to lose weight.

The key is finding meal plans and physical activities that we enjoy and look forward to. If you don’t like working out alone, join a group class. If the treadmill bores you, look for high-intensity training and a variety of movements.

To keep the momentum of your weight loss, don’t completely deprive yourself of the things you love to eat. You can still have the occasional pizza slice, just balance it out with a protein-rich, vegetable-filled diet.

Recruit a Personal Trainer

If you have set out to lose weight entirely on your own in the past, it’s not surprising that you didn’t reach your goals. Losing weight isn’t always easy and if you don’t approach it strategically your efforts may not pay off.

A personal trainer can help you with the right workout plan and will show you how to set small goals to work towards. They will also prevent that common mistake of going too hard, too fast, and ending up with an injury which sees you avoiding the gym for several weeks.

Find the Right Gym

It isn’t enough just to go to any gym. You need the support of staff who do more than say hello as you walk through the door but who can provide advice that will help you succeed.

Look for a gym which is a community as well as a place to exercise. Join in group activities and events and you’ll look forward to coming back several times a week.

Don’t wait till January. Resolve to lose weight today and set yourself a single target – to cross the threshold of a really great gym. From there, figure out what it takes to lose just 5 pounds. Find the things that motivate you. And just keep going.

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