Injury Management and Returning to Training

If you sustain an injury or feel the inklings of an injury, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away. Instead address it to help with a speedy recovery. Injury is a part of any Fitness or Martial Arts training program and here at Canberra Martial Arts we understand that things happen, so we take the time to help students through their recovery – it doesn’t have to mean the end of your training.

1. Early diagnosis and treatment

Whether you’ve sustained an injury or feel a potential one coming on, seeking professional medical assistance is the best thing you can do for your future training. Ignoring your body and trying to push past pain indicators will only slow your recovery down. Detecting any issues early and getting treatment for them is the fastest way to getting back into it.

2. Ease back into your training

Before you even considering getting back into training, always get the okay from your medical professionals and your trainers. Martial Arts training, as well as our fitness program, often use muscles that you don’t necessarily use in regular day to day life. So, you need to listen to your body, especially after an injury.

Taking some time to rest and set realistic expectations for your return is also key to making a comeback. When you do feel ready and have been given the all clear, make sure you let your Instructor know that you are returning from an injury so that you they can provide you with modifications or otherwise help you to manage your return to training.

Martial Arts are about challenging yourself but also being in tune with your body and its limits, particular in relation to injury management. Injury prevention is easier to manage than recovering from an injury so always try to train safer and smarter.

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