Stay Away From This Kind of Fitness Trainer

Does your fitness trainer actually know what they’re doing or are they just wasting your time? Let’s find out!

As a general rule, if they show one or more of the following red flags, then it’s probably best for you to start looking for someone else.

Red Flag #1: They Don’t Take YOUR Fitness Level Into Account

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of so-called fitness trainers who seem to not know that for group fitness workouts to actually be effective, the level of intensity should vary from person to person, depending on their strength and fitness level.

Obviously, a young individual who works out regularly would be able to handle much higher intensity level than an older individual who has underlying medical issues.

Unfortunately, there are trainers who take this factor completely out of the equation. Instead of helping you figure out how much weight you can safely lift, or how to change a movement to account for your injuries, they pick seemingly random exercises then leave you to figure out the rest.

The result? You end up lifting weight that’s either too light or too heavy for you, or preforming movements that could lead to injury.

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Red Flag #2: They Have One Program for Everyone

If your 1 on 1 fitness trainer uses the exact cookie cutter program for everyone, then it’s time to find a new one. Keep in mind that for you to see the results you want, you need to have a program that’s perfectly aligned with your goals.

Want to build elite strength and power? You’ll need to train like a powerlifter. Looking to run a marathon? You’ll need to focus on endurance training. Want to build an aesthetic physique? You’ll need a more bodybuilding-style program.

Red Flag #3: They Recommend Supplements to Everyone

Contrary to what supplement companies (and fitness trainers who don’t know any better) would have you believe, not everyone needs supplementation to get fit. You need to focus on getting your diet, training, and recovery right first before you even consider doing it.

If you’re sure you’re eating, training, and resting properly and you’re still not seeing the results you want, then that’s the time to look into supplementation. It’s not supposed to be something you do to make up for a poor diet, ineffective training program, and inadequate recovery.

Supercharge Your Progress With Expert Fitness Coaching

Getting fitter, stronger, and healthier is so much easier (and safer) when you train under coaches who actually know what they’re doing. So, if your fitness trainer displays one or more of the red flags listed above, then it’s time to look for someone else.

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