Suspension & Injury Policy



You can request to put your payments on hold for up to eight weeks if you are injured or spending time out of town for work .

Note: This does not include the 2 week Christmas/NY period or training during January.



Please note what you can request a suspension for:

  • If you are injured or unwell. A Medical certificate may be requested.
  • If you are traveling for work (proof may be requested for work related suspensions, it is not a guarantee that the suspension will be approved if too long or the written advice is unclear)

Things you can not request a suspension for:

  • Travel/Vacations
  • You’d “just like a break” or  “we’re going away for a month over Christmas” (please see cancellation policy)
  • You missed a few weeks, didn’t tell us, and want it applied retrospectively.
  • Christmas/New Year/January periods


You MUST let us know two weeks in advance (via email) of your hold period and we will arrange to suspend your payments. We’ll need a start and finish date as we will automatically to restart your membership when your hold period is complete.


We can only put your membership on hold for a maximum of eight weeks. A suspension of over 8-weeks will be processed as a cancellation – normal cancellation policy applies.


PROMOTIONAL OR UPFRONT PLANS: When purchasing a promotional offer or an upfront plan with discounted rates, this excludes you from suspending your membership due to the discounts covering any missed training.


PANDEMIC/QUARATINE SUSPENSIONS: Unfortunately the need for 7-14 days quarantine is not covered by our suspension policy. We appreciate the need for quarantine, noting that during that time we continue to run classes and your spot is maintained.


CANCELLATIONS DURING SUSPENSIONS: (A.k.a. Soft Cancellation) Please note that cancellation during a period of illness/injury suspension does reactivate payments and the standard cancellation policy applies in this instance.


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